Friday, June 13, 2008

I have a box full of Cormo.

Hogget #750 from Sue

Hogget #750, to be exact.

I have detergent.

I have hot water.

Tomorrow I have time.

And Angele, I officially have lingerie bags. I found another Giant Dollar Store, and they had them. So I'm good to go. Cross your fingers for me, won't you?


mtlaise said...

Glad you found some!

Denny has no time this weel end. said...

Oh man , it's so lovely it hardly needs to be cleaned. Enjoy, Annie. The worst thing about cleaning fleeces is you get so into it you don't notice when your back starts to hurt. Have fun but take care, don't let the wool fumes get to ya.
Well may be a little bit of wool fumes is O.K. oxoxox

Kayla W said...