Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I was really mad, I was really sad, and I was really glad

I was dissed a while ago; & only discovered it today. He blogged it, and this is the second time it's happened to me. I somehow become a target of someone's wrath and they feel like it's OK to wax poetic. I very nearly responded to this rant, but at the last moment thought better of it. What would be the point? Why give him something to bounce off of?

Tallguy? Did your mamma never mention that it's in poor taste to make veiled threats to people?

Sadly, the planet lost Tracey (Trak) Hooper on Saturday. Tracey was a wardrobe mistress by day, and she was also a knitter. She came to the shop one day, and at our first meeting she flat out told me that she was dying, and that she wanted to learn how to make socks while she completed her journey. I flat out asked her what she was dying of, and she told me that she had terminal melanoma. I showed her my arm. She showed me her thumb.

We both knew why she was at the shop that day; she was there to find me. There was nothing random about our meeting. We talked about red cards. We talked about melanoma and how little dark spots can change and/or end your life. She told me she had 1 to 5 years to live. She was primed for a fight.

The first time I called her, she happened to be in chemo. She didn't call back, so every couple of weeks I called her and left a message. Today her sister called me to tell me that Tracey had passed away on Saturday. She never gained the strength to knit socks, and I feel so sad about that. I never stopped wanting to teach her.

I am not good at loss. I told you that recently...

I think tomorrow that I'll wear my tiara for Tracey. I think a wardrobe mistress would appreciate that.

And glad? Denny was one of the 120 knitters. See the Yarn Harolot's blog today, and you'll see a lovely picture of her there.

So, so glad.


Mandie said...

Annie, I am so sorry that person felt the need to display his lack of breeding by writing that post (yes I found it! grrr), I bet his mama would be very disappointed in his poor behaviour!
So sorry to hear about Trak too, sending you big hugs honey xoxo
Didn't Denny look gorgeous? I was so excited to see that she was one of the 120 knitters!

Linda said...

I'm trying to imagine what any sentient being could possibly rant at you about and I'm coming up completely blank. So much for the importance of one "man"'s opinion...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. *hugs*

denny numb thighs said...

Hi gal pals.... yes I did get my photo done, and that Franklin is a doll face. It was a real busy day and i didn't get in many photos in the blog land. i also had to skip a few hours off to go see my wee lad do his ballet end of year thingy. Not having girls I was unaware of this event. It was The Too Cute event. Little boys doing their dance thang and then the girls in the pink outfits. Then back it the shop too clean up and haul a bog of dry ice on my lap in the cab to the birthday party,Stephs family know how to party.

Australoknitticus said...

Well clearly he isn't someone who KNOWS you!
I'm sorry to hear about your friend, that sucks butt.