Sunday, June 1, 2008

I am the eggplant. I am the walnut.

Ok, I've been dyeing. I could be a little punchy. I might even be high on acid (I admit it, the acid in acid dyeing is vinegar). I was doing really well there, being all predictable and reproducible, when all of a sudden I became me for a little while and just dyed stuff. I dyed 600 grams of the softest 'Super Top Alpaca'. I dyed piece after piece after piece of BFL.

(Tell me.. how come these rovings are so filthy? The wetting water was so dirty that I actually missed a roving in the bottom of a bucket.. totally couldn't see it)

Anyway, back on topic; I think I'll do the same tomorrow. I have some mohair locks. I have all kinds of weird bits of silk. I've got some gray alpaca... what could happen?

So the eggplant thing.. what it's all about is this: A while ago the Yarn Harlot was knitting the Rivendell socks (or, was that Rivendale?... I don't have the Eclectic Sole yet, so I'm not 100% sure) in a yarn called 'I am the eggplant'. I was thinking that 'I am the walnut' would be the next logical colourway.. Don't you agree? I haven't actually dyed it yet, but it's in my head, so it'll happen soon.

Another eggplant story for your entertainment. Two nights ago Jim BBQ'ed some Chicken Apple Sausage from Spolumbo's, and he threw a few slices of eggplant on the grill as well. He seasoned them with salt only. I took one bite of the eggplant, and knew instantly that I had a problem... scary allergic reaction kind of problem. My lips and mouth burned, prickled and stung. Eventually I gave up waiting for it to go away, so I took a couple Benedryls... the next morning my mouth was still stinging, I'd developed a rash on my stomach and the side of my chin. Very bizarre. How the heck does something like this happen out of the blue? Anyway, I'm a thing of beauty if I say so myself.

Ya, and I dyed my hands black. How cool is that? The goddess factor is high.


I AM the eegplant. denny said...

I know hose harlot socks you speak of!! They were knit for ME! I am wearing them right now. I shit you not. I saw her knitting them and being a good friend and knitter I did the appropriate whining. It was my birthday and now I own elven feet, in I am the eggplant. ...see thats why they have been on your mind. neat eh?

annie said...

you are kidding me? i bought the book, i have purple str yarn.. i figured i'd knit myself some as soon as it arrives. blows my mind denny.. so does.

you are SO LUCKY! you ARE the eggplant!