Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 22 in the mountains

june in the mountains

That is snow you are seeing in the picture (not the best snow picture actually.. there was lots of it on the mountains and on the sides of the highway). Two comments from our party while at the summit: 'Do you think that guy would take $10 to let me sit in his car?' And, as a RV drove in: 'I used to mock those people.' I believe there were some nasty comments regarding the weather service as well.

The next time someone says to you that the highway you'll be riding on has the highest elevation in the province, THINK. That might mean that you're about to freeze your butt completely off. OMG it was cold up there. And wet... as we approached the summit, it was like being in a frozen mist. It was really not a great day for riding most of the day. In Cochrane it rained. Neither Jordana nor Paul had leathers on, so they had wet jeans for a good long time. The wind was very strong; and at points I was doing some serious praying. There would be a roaring in my left ear, an in a split second the roaring would stop and my right shoulder would pitch forward. Scared me half to death (but only half, as clearly I survived).

There are parts of riding that I really love... You'll be flying along, and all of a sudden you can smell something (like.. flowers, or manure, a skunk, chinese food.. surprising things). Or, today, we saw a cow standing on THE edge of the road. Then 3 Big Horn sheep in the exact middle of the road.. then shortly thereafter, approximately 10 more. I saw a wild horse and it's baby. We saw some incredible scenery; it is such a blessing to live near mountains and rivers.

We were on the road for 8 hours today. Phew.

Now I'm waiting for pizza to be delivered. BF is having a short nap (after fighting that wind all day, I'd say he earned both). After I eat, I'm going to reblock the Heartland Lace shawl; Marilynn is going to take it to the Stampede grounds on the 25th (I'll be working, so she's doing me a big favour). That's probably the sum total of fiber related stuff for the day.

A shower? YES. Bad hair day.


Kayla W said...

Looks like alot of fun! (minus the cringing and clinging on for dear life!)

I'd ride a motor bike, except that I'd be terrified the entire time, and my mommy would never let me. HAHA.

denny likes hot girls in chaps said...

hey baby lets your chaps, bet ya look hot. My bil lived in Black Diamond for a few years. Looks like fun, but in a truck, you can spin,just saying. But chaps do look hot. Come on give us a peek.

Linda said...

I remember a trip up through the White Mts. of NH a few years ago. I showed up for the ride in full leathers and was laughed at as the day was around 80 F and everyone else was wearing tshirts and jeans. Two hours later as we got onto the Kancamagus Hwy I was surrounded by wet shivering bikers. Next ride they remembered about elevation and dressed much better. ;-)

Glad you had a nice ride. I'm very jealous!