Sunday, June 1, 2008

Does AL mean April?

This is not a good question.

If one of your children is snacking on salami that she just retrieved from the fridge, and it's June; perhaps it's time to go on a search and destroy mission. In the meantime, I'm going to check if we have anything in-house for vomiting. One can't be too careful.

Let's see if I can embed a YouTube video. Anybody can watch this, but Denny is supposed to, because it goes with the package I'm going to mail to her tomorrow. It'll make sense later.


Jen said...

Thank you.

annie said...

you are so welcome. i still have steam coming out of my ears... next time a home birth?

Jen said...

this was supposed to be a home birth. can you even believe it? i had a midwife a birth plan....i didn't realize that "overdue" means necessary induction. if I had a dollar for every birth story i've read that started and ended like mine there might be 'a study that proves"

annie said...

i have lost faith... maybe a midwife in a forest, on an island somewhere far, far away.. maybe then it would be possible to do what comes natural?