Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Glasses = zero, refund.. lots

Well, at long last, the second pair of glasses arrived. I've been trying to wear them, and if that means having pounding headaches and nausea, then I did really well. My vision was fiercely distorted. Big sigh...

So back I went to Lenscrafters, for visit number four. I have to say that girl #3 was most patient; but I.AM.DONE. Just give me my money back. They swear it is a problem with the prescription; the doctor confirms that the prescription is fine. I've changed from polycarbonate to plastic lenses. Everything should be good.

All I can think of is that when I bought the frames, they fit really well. When I picked them up the first time, the frames were really bent. Girl #2 at Lenscrafters aggressively *adjusted* them (I was uncomfortable.. she looked like she was bending them all to hell) to the point that they no longer fit into the Prada case. I mentioned this to Girl #3, and she said that they were bent, but not in a way that would affect my vision.

Well... vision is indeed affected, and why would I pay many, many hundreds of dollars on bent frames? I mean.. wouldn't you like your new glasses to be pristine? Wouldn't you at least like to look out of them without wanting to throw up?

I've asked for a complete refund. Couldn't get it at the time, because I hadn't brought my original paperwork (thinking that the entire financial transaction is online there - which it is). Tonight I'll go back there one last time, and get this handled once and for all. I'm endlessly frustrated. All I wanted to do was SEE. It's really hard at the shop.. the light is so low that I can't read labels. Not a good thing.

So there you have the end of phase I. I'm thinking of calling Michelle's guy to see if he can't do a better job.

Shouldn't be too hard.

As an aside: I SLEPT ALL NIGHT. I think that deserves a little yelling.


Anonymous said...

Yep - enough is enough chick. I'd be taking my business elsewhere.
YAY for sleeping all night, lets hope it's the start of trend for you!

knittinggrammy said...

Ah sweetie, I feel so bad for you:


If you decided to pop over there they are open late on Thursdays and are open on Saturday. Ask specifically for Kim and tell her I sent you and the nightmare you've been having. Hope this helps!!


Annie said...

thanks michellie... i think i will...