Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I love my bike

BF was grinning today. As he arrived home from Anna's grad ceremony, I was bringing my bike back into the house. It was raining you see, and I didn't want the bike sitting outside in the drizzle all day. Maybe you caught the 'into' the house part?... I keep it inside because I love it. Right now it's parked right here beside my computer; it stays in our bedroom in the winter.

It's a 3 speed Schwinn Cruiser. With a nice big, comfortable seat, a bell and a carrier. I ride it to work every day.

my bike

This is BF's bike. It's a Yamaha V-Star. He loves it just as much, but it won't fit through the door.

jim june 22

Today was a really great day, for lots of reasons. One is that Marilynn was kind enough to collect my Heartland shawl for the Stampede. I didn't realize that she was doing the same for Amy, and for Michelle. I wouldn't have been able to enter the shawl if it wasn't for her (well, to be honest, I wouldn't have knit it at all).

Pretty darned great, wouldn't you say?

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knittinggrammy said...

Not only is Marilyn taking "stuff" but she's taking me along for the ride......picking me up at the office (sneak away) and off we go to the Stampede Grounds, I can hardly wait!!