Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm officially dead!

my socks of death

And i Love my socks of death! Thank you Linda Eyerly and Leann Nassar for all your hard work and care. And Linda, thank you SO much for picking a great colourway. In my package from Leann, I found a red 'Super Star' ribbon, an awesome card with KABOOM in bright pink, enough yarn to knit another sock (and I might just do that!.. you never know when you'll grow a third leg, right?), and a little golden tuelle bag with a L'Occitane soap and sugar cube bath bomb. As you can see, I lucked out. It's good to be assassinated. I feel like I have 'celebrity' socks.

I outlived 67% of the people who joined. That's better than I had expected!

my socks of death

Here we have some very, very fine spinning by my friend Yarn Kat. I dyed the colourway (which Kathleen named Green Goddess). Fabulous!



aunty tink said...

I believe Congratulations are in order.  Even though you are dead, you excelled in this edition of Sock Wars...and you got pretty socks too!

Annie said...

i think we both did pretty darned good.. i really do. if you hadn't mailed those 2nd socks you'd still be standing, and i'd still be dead! so really marilynn, you're a winner.

Jocelyn said...

Oh, no!! How sad. I will join next year if only to give you guys an advantage!