Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vair charity verk can be compensatory to underlying personality disorders

A little background.. I've been speaking about getting a tetanus shot. I might have received one in 2006, but I can't recall. So I went to my doctor, and he had run out of serum. Today I went to a neighborhood clinic where I had received my Hep shots in 2006. I asked if I had received a tetanus shot in 2006, and the nurse said the doctor would let me know.

Two hours later....

Dr: I can't read this file. (hands it to me)

Me: I can't either, it's illegible. If I did have a previous shot, will a second cause problems?

Dr: Purely psychosomatic.

So.. you're a Ritter. Funny, you look like a lady to me.

Me: My grandfather was German. My Father-in-law is Austrian. I have heard the joke before.

Dr: Oh really? Vut does it mean?

Me: Knight. The name was originally Von Ritter, but was changed when the family came to Canada.

Dr: Now, that is overkill.

Dr: 1 cc. Yes, that says 1 cc Tetanus. You don't need another shot today. Do you have more questions?

Me: Does memory loss and insomnia pass after peri-menopause is complete?

Dr: You are depressed.

Me: No, actually, I'm totally fine.

Dr: Vell. (pause, pause, pause) Charity verk can be compensatory to underlying personality disorders such as depression. {I swear that is a quote}

Me: Still fine. I am wondering if these symptoms of peri-menopause will pass in time.

Dr: (pause, pause, pause, pause, pause). Vould you like sleeping pills?

Me: Thank you (shakes hand). I'll be going.

Dr: Come back if your symptoms persist.

Me: If I remember.

On the bright side... I knitted to the toe of a sock while I was there waiting, and also fixed some lace for a very, very nice lady. So all is not lost.


Anonymous said...

yes, annie those symptoms of peri menopause will pass just in time for the symptoms of menopause to show up. Oh the joys of getting older and being female. Hang in there as it does eventually get better.

Anonymous said...

Snort. You compensatory being, you. Couldn't have gotten your hands on the pills for me hey? Somehow, the idea of getting to sleep through the night appeals to me. Don't know what to do about the baby though... Miss you. See you tomorrow.

Unknown said...

strange doc..

the symptoms change and then after awhile you'll feel better. at 57 i feel better than at 51. hang in there.


Myrna said...

Wow... I practically have to beg for medication for my rather intense and overwhelming fear of flying. My doctor tells me that perhaps I need some psycho-therapy....

Kourtney said...

Well, that just goes to show you that trained professionals can be total arses too.

At least it wasn't a complete waste - your knitting angel hat looks so good on you!

Shell said...

*snort* When I was briefly working for the health region I discovered that all the doctors with the lowest grades end up working at the walk-in clinics.

I think you met proof of that. I've always found that insomnia gives me lots of time to knit (and I'm grouchy but the project is done)