Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Aunty Tink bought me tea.

A sleep inducing kind of tea. I had a big mug a while ago.

I didn't eat chocolate, I had one cup of coffee and one cup of tea today. I'm about to press my GV20 and 24.

It's 12:30.

I knit on a plain sock.

Cross your fingers for me..


Sharon Rose said...

Well? How did it go? *hugs*

Unknown said...

It sounds (or rather looks) like you are on the computer after 11 pm at night. That really contributes to sleeplessness. It has to do with the flickering of the screen or something, that you might not perceive directly but is going on. Probably you should stay away from the machine for several hours before your normal bedtime. That worked wonders curing my sleeplessness.