Thursday, February 19, 2009

It was a dark and guildy night...

prior to which, I drank a coffee and a coke. What I was thinking of is beyond me, because now it's something like 1:26 and some seconds, and I'm not asleep with BFML, I'm here, writing to you.

Run-on sentences and a lack of spelling to boot.

I love the knitting guild. I am currently winning the competition to get the most new members in the history of the guild. The fact that I invented the competition, and I'm also the only competitor is moot. (I secretly believe that it is GAME ON with mrs. dumpty - we'll be neck 'n neck by March, latest). Tonight's snacks were not as interesting as most months, but I did have a cheese cracker that was pretty darned good. It was no grated velveeta mixed in cheez whiz tho... it'll take a lot to beat that one.

While I was guilding, I tried to knit on Lady Eleanor of Targello, but I kept zigging when I should have been zagging (because I was yapping), so I rolled it up and stowed it in my brand new, fantabulous Lady B bag.

See.. Lexie Barnes has incredible customer service. I wrote them to say that my bag was fraying at the piping on all 4 corners. I didn't ask for a thing and told them that the bag is in use at least 5 days a week.. They asked if they could send me a replacement bag, and I chose one that was a year older and piping-free. They sent me one in that crazy, wonderful Bali Hai print.

Here's a link to the pattern, but it's not the same bag.

I lurv it, but not as much as the Targello.. that thing rocks the free world. If you're going to Targello yourself, please choose Noro Silk Garden 211j. You won't be disappointed.

If you're bored, try googling your first name, and the word: 'needs'. It's going to be fun. For example:

"Annie needs to be rescued by the armed forces (displaying male power), the entire rescue mission having been set in motion by the preeminent father figure, ..."

And no. I did not put Baileys in the coffee.


Kourtney said...

You sound like you're having a luverly night... until you wake up tomorrow, & realize that sleep is indeed pivotal.

At least, that's how I seem to work.. the late night temptations, followed by early morning regret... and I'm not even *really* up to anything!

Anonymous said...

Trish needs to always be in control of the situation and her men. Really, do I now? I do not believe that is entirely true.

knittinggrammy said...

Before the competition can be "on" - I might have to chat up my patients a wee bit more (averts her eyes and looks at the wall). And didnt I warn you about the coke and coffee?? You should have called, my coke runneth over until the early hours of the morning as well!!

Anonymous said...

Sara needs "a loving, playful home". Mmh... apparently I'm a 4 yr old cattle dog mix. Hee, hee.
Maybe I'll even need to blog a few more of the hits I got from that little exercise. :)

I'll be seeing you soon.


Unknown said...

I had a great time too! Thx for signing me up! Really what's better than hangin' with my mostest specialist peeps, And knitting?!?

Wowsie! I slept like a lump, with 4 lambs on top, from sheer exhaustion after all the cheer.

Gee that almost looks like a poem...

Jocelyn said...

"Jocelyn needs to poo" srsly.

I should really come to guild, and not be scard.