Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm at work right now because I can't get home

Well, I can't get home before my head explodes from frustration. At the moment I can't actually get out of the parkinglot because the road in front of it appears to be glare ice. I had a plan B, but the guy on the radio just told me I was smoking something funny if I thought I was driving home that way.

Does the universe not know that it's pizza night? Geez.

So, now I'm going to explode your head by saying that last night the two tea cosy silent auctions ended, and I am thrilled beyond reason to announce that our two cosies sold for $300.00. My donation page isn't updated completely, but I believe I'm approximately 60-something percent done on my goal. My plan is to keep fund raising and to send my results to IK.. cuz we're a team.

Right now I have a hand woven Noro scarf to sell; several pairs of socks and mitts that Martha knit, a pair of socks for Trisha, sock blockers, stitch markers raffle tickets... Kayla designed the most beautiful shawl and she's going to let me sell the pattern.

I just don't know what to say. I'm so proud and thrilled and blessed and touched. I know so many good, giving people. I'm grateful.

Cancer? The knitters/weavers are after you. Look out.


marnie said...

yep, I made it out but it took forever to get home. So much for Pizza night. You take it easy.

RunwithSticks said...

I'm sorry your stuck at the shop - Nate's stuck out there in this debaucle as well. Congrats on such awesome fundraising so far! That's just wonderful :)

Jocelyn said...

Pete drove me home at 8pm from Hidden Valley and he made it as far as SAIT, where he dropped me at the train. The train always runs!

I'm super-duper proud of you girly. xoxo

Liza said...

Sorry you got stuck. Vegie sister #2 and I just decided to stay downtown until things got better. Which only sorta worked, I had no trouble getting home, but she did. Poor thing.

Congrats on the fundraising. And yep, cancer better watch it's back.

Liza {who was glad the roads were so much better today}

Kayla W said...

Shawl is NEARLY there. NEARLY. I only have the edging on the test knit to do and it's yours. Officially. Whew.