Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If i had a camera in my hand

Today's picture would have been a little puppy with an entire mouthful of Qivuit. It was cuter than it was shocking; which was very. very. very.

So.. no pictures, but some news. On Sunday I will be doing my first training ride for the 2010 Ride to Conquer Cancer. I'm signed up and ready to go. What held me back was not knowing what percentage of funds raised would benefit the Alberta Cancer Foundation. The answer is 100%. Overhead is covered by a $50.00, non-tax deductible, fee paid by all participants.

I will be riding for myself, Mette, and Tracey 'Trak' Hooper.

If you receive a product in exchange for your donation, you will not receive a tax receipt, but if you donate through my forthcoming Alberta Cancer Foundation website, you will.

I'm warning you in advance that I'm going to be having sales.. my stash is up for grabs. I've got some really great dyeing ideas (yo.. mojo.. glad to see you back). I'm gonna be knitting for hire. I'll have some auctions.

I'm going to raise at least $2,500.00 CDN, and I'm going to be crossing that finish line next year. But not alone. You'll have pushed me all along those 200 kilometers.

(quietly humming 'wind beneath my wings')


Cindy said...

You go girl! You are an inspiration.

Linda said...

Wow! I will most definitely be shopping heavily for the cause in honor of my friend Kathleen who is a 15 year survivor of FOURTH STAGE breast cancer. She still has cancer, she's still fighting, but my god, 15 years...

She's another of the amazing woman in my life. :-*

Unknown said...


I have a pattern for a shawl I'd love for you to knit for me.

Trish said...

Will you be doing some over dyeing?? I have some yarns in need of a little Mz. Banannie.