Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Geoache link

Here's a video that explains a little about geocaching. It's a really great way to spend some time outdoors, and I love the treasure hunting aspect (tho, I rarely keep anything.. I just like the hunt). The kids are over it right now, but BFML and I are not. We are team 6Rabitts.

Some photos I had previously promised:

Canal at Strathmore

Massey Ferguson


Fishhook on barbed wire
Strangest thing, this. We were caching, and I told BFML that I thought the cache might be close to a house I did a LOT LOT LOT of work in when I was still doing floors. It was one of those jobs that you just don't forget.. house is closing in on mansion status, lady was nasty, I was accidentally locked out of the house with no jacket, no keys, and it's.. hmmm.. about 40 below zero at the time... and finally, it is the very last place in the world where I still experienced feeling in the tip of my left index finger. It was on that job that I smashed the finger and wrecked it forever. It was just weird to be there, by that bad memory house.. I was remembering everything and I looked up; there, hanging from barbed wire - surrounding a municipal waterworks gadget - was a rubber fishing lure. Just the weirdest thing, overall.

Girasole on the dashboard

Just in case you think I don't knit any longer, here is the Girasole I'm working on. It's in a light worsted alpaca, and I think it's gonna be gorgeous. It's sitting on the dashboard of the truck while we were out geocaching.

Handful of hail on August 3rd

Crazy, huh? We found piles and piles and piles of hail in the grass by a weigh station near Calgary. You don't expect to hold ice in your hand in August, that's for sure; unless it came out of your beer cooler perhaps... but in the grass?

And finally,

Gratuitous puppy photo

A gratuitous puppy photo, and one beautiful eye (if you don't mind me taking credit for one of my loveliest creations).

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