Monday, November 23, 2009

This is a list

I'm going to be sad when I have to start riding in the light again. BFML bought me a new headlight, and it rocks the free world. I can see so clearly... I could actually read a discarded chocolate bar wrapper on the pathway. I could see what was a hole, and what was a bump, what was a rock and what was a leaf. I could see a ninja well before I was near her (her.. I knew it was a woman). She was walking away from me.

I have a new route, and it's calm; peaceful. I have more lights, everywhere. My Dollybird gave me wind pants, and fleece pants to go under them. She also gave me a wicking shirt, all of which I wore today. I was warm.

My new route gently runs downhill, so I get to cruise for approximately 15 blocks.

I stopped listening to my iPod, because it messes up the quiet.

I smell... leaves burning. Chicken dinners. A joint. The river. Coffee.

I see... the river in darkness, smoother and satiny. The interior of houses at dinner time. A dog with a florescent collar. The park, in pitch dark.

There are... no more skateboarders. Hardly any pedestrians. No black dogs on long leashes. No more rollerbladers. Not many cyclists. I'm almost never passed. I almost never have to pass.

There was no wind on the way home. Not even a breeze.

I thought the night was going to be my worst case scenario. With a little planning and a few changes, it turned into something really special... like that one rainy day that I rode through. Such a pleasant surprise.

Today a number of miracles happened to me.

Rose and Correna helped me at the shop. I was buried alive in yarn that had arrived, I needed to prepare/execute three orders, and the store was jam packed. With their help almost everything was handled.

I saw JSmoothie and Fiona. That was such an unexpected pleasure. Fiona isn't a toddler any more, that's for sure.

There's a middle miracle that isn't my story - so I'm dispensing with details. A friend, Leanne, became an answer to prayer.. she came with information, contacts and support. I don't have words to address how much it meant to me, and how much I needed her today.

When I got home today, BFML met me at the door to let me know that Genetics had called. I've been approved for genetic research regarding Long QT Syndrome. My DNA leaves for Italy this week. We'll hear something in 6 months to a year; to me that sounds fast, I've been waiting 7 years so far.

Sweet Jennifer donated to my Ride to Conquer Cancer fund.

And I safely road home in the dark.

There was lasagna.

There was knitting.


Trish said...

I was having a rough day today. Your post made it better. Thanks. xoxo.

ceiling repairs calgary said...

Think of life as a roller coaster ride. Where's the thrill of it if there are no unpredictable ups and downs, right?

Christine said...

I would love to write to you personally. I know lots about Long QT Syndrome. We too have had all the genetic testing, etc. How would I contact you? I don't know how these blogs work at all.

I belong to a group in the U.S. called Parent Heart Watch. You can find out all about us at:

Our main goal is trying to protect youth and children from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

I lost my own precious 22 year old daughter, Emilie, to undiagnosed Long QT Sndrome. Her autopsy and toxicology were totally negative, so it was up to me to find a cause of her untimely and tragic death.

My husband & two living children ages 33 & 30--all test positive for Long QT-6, and I test positive for Long QT-2, which is most likely what Emilie had.

It has been a long road, and yes, being the parent of a dead
child---you wouldn't wish on your own worst enemy. So now I want to prevent it from happening needlessly to other families.

Long QT Syndrome is a very treatable condition, when diagnosed properly, and treated by a doctor that is very familiar with it, like an electrophysiologist(EP.

I'm not sure about contacting you. Should I just put my E-mail address or your blog here? Would there be another way of us contacting each other without making our E-mail addresses public?

Hope to hear from you soon. Would love to help you, as know one should be on this journey alone.

random Cindy said...

You sound content. I like that. :^)

Kourtney said...

I am so very glad that you had a wonderful day.