Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Did you ever read Ayn Rand?

I did, and apparently now reading her is super cool, because she's back in. ahem.

If you haven't, you ought to..

I need to ask you why (why Lord, why?) haven't I ever tried Estonian lace before? I'm crazy in love with the project so far; tho I'm currently in a spot that could create severe catastrophic boneheaded aunty tink-sized fixoramas. Or not. The handspun Bison is just exactly right. Unless someone offers me the moon for it (to put towards my ride), I might just keep this one.

At the same time I'm knitting some socks for a TKR customer in support of my 2010 ride to conquer cancer. I'm 1/2 way done the second sock, which hasn't been such a big problem, since the recipient has size two feet. This totally and absolutely is restitution for the size 9 somethings that I had to knit for sock wars. Universe? We're even now. I acknowledge that.

Today I was going to ride my bike, but I couldn't locate my helmet (in the truck after the huge windstorm rescue). Friday for sure.

Also, today I met a new little person, named the lovely Miss E. If my ovaries weren't petrified, I think they'd be twinging.. gosh, she is beautiful in every way. Congratulations to her family (including me, a self appointed great-auntie).

I saw Judi Blue Eyes at the store, and I just can't put my joy into words; I missed her very much.. Also, Nancy L came in and had a visit. She didn't know that I am at the Knitting Room these days, so it was a nice re-connection.

Knitting? The Miralda, the second Camelot, many socks, and two secret Christmas type things. Soon? Another tea cosy for the KAL... and ok, a 'pretty thing' cowl or two.

Spinning? I'm going to card punis and actually try to spin Qivuit on Donna's wheel. I think that after spinning all that Bison, that I might have a handle on it. We'll see.

Now? So going to bed. Sleep well, all.

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Anne said...

That looks like a lovely shawl pattern, my favorite in that book so far. Can't wait to see your finished shawl! I've got some qiviut/merino put away to make that shawl.