Sunday, April 27, 2008

Today those yahoos held me up for ransom

And I'm not that happy about it.

Here's how it worked. I wanted to order some business cards, and I really liked the little ones that you can get through Moo, which is a Flickr affiliate. So, because I wanted a random and varied choice of cards, I loaded quite a few pictures onto my free Flickr account; ordered the cards and thought that all was well with the universe. Instead it tipped me over the 'limited number of photos' boundary that one can upload onto Flickr. I didn't realize (and I'm sure that is my own fault for not reading small print, or.. I forgot) that there was a limit. So.. I checked out my blog and all but one picture won't load.


I went to my Flickr account and it tells me that everything will be returned, safe and sound after I pay them $24.95 US.

The wording alone made me feel a bit sick to my stomach, but I reasoned that I had been planning to upgrade anyway, and it is for the benefit of the blog and my fiber pursuits. Then, during the payment process, I am asked to give Yahoo authorization to withdraw from my Paypal account automatically; and.. in the small print (which I read) it gives my banking information to yet another third party. Great.

You see that I have done it... I hope that after this awful taste in my mouth goes away that I'll be happy. But right now???.. Not so much.

Ok.. nicer stuff:

Here, for your artyarn spinning pleasure is a link to the haul I procured at the Purses for Africa (hmmm.. cannot find a link!) fabric/fiber sale.

Grand total? $80.00 CDN. I feel like I won something; AND, some grannies in Africa benefited as well.

The picture? A little art project that Mug made that involved a bag of tiny fuzzy animals and a hot melt gun. Ya baby.

(edited to add: you have to wonder about the whole safe and sound business... cuz my pictures have been totally messed up on and off all day long. doesn't seem too safe or sound really)


Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with your makes me smile everytime I think about it!
Well done honey xoxo

Linda said...

I had exactly the same experience with Flickr this past week. Very, VERY, irritating. I know that Casey and Jess were talking about eventually weaning us off Flickr, but I think that's still a ways out in the future, so you're probably safe buying for this year.

A nice glass of wine might remove that icky taste. Maybe some chocolate too, just to be safe... ;-)