Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Somehow I became a bag lady

I'm not sure how it happened; to be honest.

It starts out like this: I did hardwood. I still haven't unloaded my truck, it's full to the gunnels with tools of every sort. Each day I was covered in sawdust, wood stain, glue and oftentimes blood. My hands looked more like my father's than my mother's. I was good with it.

I don't have girl clothes. I have Carhartts.

And now I work at the LYS, and slowly I find myself doing things like curling my hair a bit, thinking of shoes, and... no part of me is bruised or cut. That's pretty weird, actually.

There's a strange something that happenes at the yarn store. People get new knitting bags. There's a whole culture associated, where people spend time on a bag related Ravelry group; everyone knows the latest bags, fabrics and styles. They speak of these things fluently, and by name. Me? I use zip locks. Somebody told me that they do too.. but that they store the zip lock project bags IN a knitting bag. Knitting bags often contain useful things like bottles of wine and cork screws.

Wine, you say?

Knitting bags can be used as overnight bags (necessary in a long stream of knitting related retreats). Apparently your wallet goes in one, and your iPod. Think purse here, a super fabulous purse with tons of pockets, and room for your projects as well.

OK.. so we had a large shipment of Lexie Barnes bags coming in and there was a lot of excitement around that event. Many discussions took place at the knitting circles.. Namaste? Lexie Barnes? Which is best? What are the dimensions? What new fabrics?

I stayed on the outskirts, wondering why the heck it mattered so much. Until they arrived.

Aunty Tink spent one entire day (on and off) agonizing over what colour her new Lady B should be. She tried them on, looked in mirrors; and it was VERY serious. We're not messing around here. Sandra discovered that the Jinx was too short for her. How she did it was actually try the bag on. That somehow became a turning point for me... Thinking about all of my stuff spread over the entire house, and how I could put things in pockets and how my entire needle collection would fit in the small, associated, matching, cases. How this is a girl thing, and I could *wear* the bag, and it would look nice. Last time I had a feeling like this was when I discovered the new Husky tool boxes. In red.

Through an amazing act of kindness I found myself the owner of a beautiful Lexie Barnes Lady B. In red. (OK, we call it 'Diablo')

And I totally love it. Who knew?


Bellflower said...

and now you have somewhere discreet to keep the wine... :-)

Linda said...

Not only is that bag amazingly gorgeous but how exciting to do something so totally "not you." Doesn't it feel... exciting? maybe a wee bit naughty? ;-) Now of course you'll do nothing but buy bags. It's an addiction. Like yarn.

Ask me how I know this.