Thursday, April 3, 2008

Heartland, heartland, and more heartland

I don't have as much time to knit now that I spend all my time at the yarn shop! So.. when I do get home, and after I eat, I've been concentrating on the one project. It seemed like the first skein was never going to end. I've progressed to half way through the 4th repeat of chart 2, and finally it gave up the ghost. Normally I would spit-splice, but darned if bison (or at least this bison) wouldn't do it. That sort of makes me happy in the long run, because maybe the shawl won't ever be in danger of felting.

So.. I became acquainted with the Russian Join. I've read about it before, and Amy recently suggested it for the Year of Lace yarn.. but I hadn't tried it. Before my magical ball of never-ending wool actually did end, I came upon a knot. I viewed this link and gave it a shot. Easy-peasy. Shortly after that I joined ball two to ball one. Even better.

The knitting looks good, the join is stong and invisible. I'm really pleased.

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Elizabeth said...

Love the Russian join! I just don't tell anyone about the spitting thing. ;o)