Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ply, schbly

Everybody loves to ply. Just ask them, and they'll tell ya... it's the greatest part of spinning.

Me. I hate it. Hate seems a bit harsh, but it's verging on that.

Maybe it's my Louet S75; doing some kind of shimmy that would indicate that it either needs to be tightened up or it's going to fly into a million pieces before my very eyes. I use it because it has a massive bobbin (or 4) and i can ply a 1/2 lb. without having to put knots in my yarn. Did I mention its a single treadle?

Right now I'm in a lose/lose situation. I cannot spin any more Optim until I ply the green Merino (ran out of empty bobbins for the Lendrum). I have the Merino spun as close to lace-weight as I am able, so there appears to be 65 gazillion yards of it on the bobbins. I swear, I was plying last night for what seemed to be hours and only half of it is done.

I have enough flipping lace-weight right now to satisfy even my friend Aunty Tink. Now that is A LOT. (Actually, some of it IS hers, but that's another story all together)

I'd rather be doing taxes.

So tonight, rather than facing the inevitable, I knit on the Heartland Lace Shawl. Which, was what I really wanted to do anyway. I'd show you a picture, but I've lost the camera's battery charger AGAIN. I'm looking in the shoe box first this time.

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raining sheep said...

spinning sounds like fun, but I am avoiding it because it's just more money on yarn stuff...and I already spend so much. Your spinning - a few posts down...when your camera was charged :)-looks really good.