Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas with 6rabitts and 3 rose petals

I have been so looking forward to this Christmas; dinner in particular. Not just because of Martha's perfect turkey, but because it was our first Christmas meal with Nini. I love being a Nan; it's the best. But, it didn't start out that way.. gosh she was so sick in the beginning, and that first month at the Children's hospital was not for the faint of heart. But she's simply fabulous and healthy now, and it's been a long while since we were holding our breaths and praying for a miracle (which we got, thank God).

Some may know that there is an empty seat at our dinner table, so Christmas is a difficult time; mostly for me. I was hoping that the excitement and joy of having Nini this first year would soften the season; and yes, it sure did. I am unable to describe how grateful I am for all of my blessings.

So.. phew.. let's move on. BF's kids weren't with us in the morning, but arrived shortly after lunchtime. Mug had opened her gifts, and was so happy when the rest of our troupe arrived. They opened their gifts, and that left one lone box.. something for all the kids (including the daddy sized one). In it was Guitar Hero. When that gift was unwrapped there was more shouting and jumping and merriment than I had even dared dream. It was a hit, and is the single most played with present in this house.

Tho... I'd have to say that this one went over well too!

My favorite gifts, hands down, were the hand knitted items that I gave to BF. One was a pair of alpaca socks that I dyed, spun and knit. He's worn them again and again... and the second is a green cashmere toque I also knitted for him. In the morning when he gets up he puts it on before anything else. I don't think it's been off of his head since he unwrapped it. Man.. every moment I spent knitting that toque has been rewarded 10-fold.

I am selfish.. It's the giving that I love. The reactions. The happiness. The warmth.

There was a great moment in the evening when I looked at our feet to see that Nini had on the cashmere socks, BF the alpaca/BFL, SIL the natural grey alpaca, Dida had on the Pomatamous, and I was wearing the first pair of socks Dida had ever knitted. How great is that?

This was such a terrific Christmas. It really was.

We hope that yours was too.

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lori said...

Your Christmas sounds like a great time. I'm much the same way with my giving... I can NOT wait to give things, especially if I've made them.