Friday, December 7, 2007

OK, I hate circs

Maine Mitten
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I really do. I've tried and tried to get comfortable with them, and it just doesn't get any better. Here I am, forced to knit with a pair of pink, plastic circs because I cannot find my 5mm dpns. How did I end up with pink plastic circs? Isn't there some kind of law against that?

Complaining aside; I've been working on my Christmas knitting. I spun natural grey Alpaca and some BFL for SIL's socks, and they're done. The boy has size 11.5 feet. Also spun angora/cashmere/baby camel samples and knit Nini some soft socks. Done. At the moment I'm working on a second Maine Mitten (also dyed and spun by me). Tomorrow, come hell or high water, I'm committing myself to the Cat's Paw stole.

After hardly any deliberation, I picked up a set of EZ Blocking Wires today; I was *expecting* the package to include sets of 36" wires and shorter, a yard stick and some T-pins. What it did include was 24" wires and shorter, plus the yard stick. I am considering returning the wires because the very first piece I want them for is much bigger than 24"...

Oh.. and some yummy plum Trekking sock yarn somehow got into my stash. Must have been elves.

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