Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Here bunny bunny...

I mentioned that I left M1 on saturday with an armload of fiber. Graciously, I was offered a bag to put it in, but I was excited and jangled and I figured, what the hay, I'm only walking down the hill.... The next day I realized that 50 grams of angora and I had parted company. Checked the price of angora lately? Frick. Could it not have been something less valuable?

I had my boots on in no time flat, and retraced my footsteps. Can you believe it??? The angora was sitting pretty, right where I dropped it, and in pristine condition. Talk about your lucky break. Phew.

I don't really have anything interesting to say except that the Heartland is going very well, and I'm on the third repeat of rows 25-44. I've hardly frogged anything, which just blows my mind after Mystic Waters.

I feel so bad about the Cat's Paw. I promised to work on it, but honestly, I'm sick to death of it, and I just want it to go away. Never knit a wrap with 3 pattern rows, it's just too boring (tho beautiful).

Have you ever heard of Sock Wars? It's an online game where players register their names, addresses and shoe size. The idea is to knit socks day and night, and get em mailed out asap. When the recipient receives their sock, they are 'dead', and out of the game. Last *man* standing is the winner and receives; well. socks. The whole concept excites me, and I've joined the Sock Wars group on Ravelry to keep my eye on the game.

Just for fun; here's a link for Arachne Sock Calculator, for custom sizing knee high socks. You just input your numbers, and presto.. a (plain - you add the fancy) pattern.

By the way; that's no bunny up there. That's my boy Spike. The world's best dog, says I. Pssst: don't click on him unless you'd like to see him bigger than life-size. Me and re-sizing just haven't come to terms.

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KC said...

Hi Annie, Spike is very cute. We have one too, but she is black. You sound like your knitting is going well. Check my blog for my rant. knittin'cacher!