Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dyed and dying

Finally, a photo!

Some Tijuana Blanket (in alpaca) having a swim. It's much more vibrant 'in person'. I've knit BFL socks in this colourway, and they are my all time favorites.


Following we have the Miss Priss (in colourway: Snooks), who is also soaking, but this time in preparation for an over-dye. I can't decide what colour.. I think even I'll be surprised by this one!

miss prissmiss priss having a bath

And... The Heartland Lace Shawl, currently blocking. I'm so happy with it. I'm going to order the intended yarn (Bison) and knit it again to enter into the 2008 Calgary Stampede.

heartland lace shawlheartland lace shawlheartland lace shawl

Come back for a Vermillion Kiss...

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KC said...

Fabulous Lace! Lovely socks. Have you gotten a bigger stock pot yet? I would overdye in blue to get more purples and greens in the Miss Priss. I will be excited to see what and how when you are done! Kathy