Saturday, December 15, 2007

Today was Amy's 30th birthday spin-in

I really enjoyed talking to new people and admiring all kinds of different wheels. I dunno... I wanted a Ladybug, then I didn't, then I did. All I know for sure is that it is a solid as a rock and spins as thin as can be. After today, I'm leaning more towards.. want it.

I dyed 4oz. of Alpaca/Merino/Silk in 'Spaceball Jams' for Amy's gift. Colourway loosely based on Sandra's jams at the Emerald Lake Retreat. (I saw a picture!)

It was a really great to see people there spinning my fiber; in fact, all the stock is nearly gone. How cool is that? I left with an armload of fiber to dye, and a new pair of not-pink, not-plastic, Addie Turbo circs (I'm going to come to terms with circs if it is the last thing I do).

As far as projects, I've been working on all kind of things, including the Cat's Paw Wrap:

The missing thumb on a pair of Maine Mitts (the darned second mitt is two rows longer than the first, so I have to frog it a bit):

and a Knitty Sock Monkey hat for Katie (almost done...):

Earlier in the week I attended Maddie's first ever band concert. They all received their instruments in October, so I think they did very well. It was a *classic* first concert; there were times when I wasn't too sure if it was a song we were listening to, or a flock of geese. I took knitting; yes, I cop to starting a sock. Below you'll find my new trumpet player, followed by one concert's worth of ToFutsies sock goodness.

Thank you for hanging with me during my blog free days. Karen is now back at home, and although you could not call her well, she's not in dire straights, and we can breathe a sigh of relief.

Also, thank you Linda (from one spinknit to another) for your shawl comment. That's what I'll talk about tomorrow.. Shawls, and why I love them.

Please take a moment to read back to: Pay it forward. I have zero takers!

Finally, here's a bonus pic of the devine Miss K (and my fabulous SIL's hairy hands) in a shrug I dyed/spun/knit for her before she was born. The fiber is Alpaca, and the colourway is called: Nina's wildflower garden.

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