Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm ready. Almost.

BF and I took stock of our preparedness today, and made a to-do list. Mine included grocery shopping for Christmas dinner, and his included getting a tree. We do this every year; wait until the bitter end, and then panic, because there's hardly any trees to be found. Last year we got the most gorgeous, full, 9' from Ikea for $20. This year Ikea was a no-go, but BF found a perfect 8', on sale for $15.00. You just can't beat that. It's standing in the living room now, waiting for the kids to decorate it. Earlier they all made themselves a Christmas ornament for 2007.

I'm especially excited about Christmas this year, because it's the first time Nini will eat at my table. She's just starting on solid foods, so I expect that she'll have a little mashed potatoes and carrots at very least. After Karen nearly killed herself a few short weeks ago, it seems such a blessing that we're having a happy Christmas at all, let alone, have this little grandchild to share it with. Everything is a little shinier.

All that aside.. I found that I was completely done with gifts, that my Christmas knitting is done except for the Cat's Paw, and a lot of ends to sew in. I have everything for stockings. It's all good. Tomorrow we'll pick up an organic, free range turkey, and we'll wrap gifts on Monday. Tuesday should be stress free, and happy. I'll cook Martha Stewart's Perfect Turkey (don't miss it if you have a chance).

I hope your stress level is low, low, low.

(ps: The kids did, in fact, decorate the tree, and it looks exactly like a kids' tree should. The photo, above, demonstrates what I love about a kids' tree; deep inside you'll find a little picture of a snowman that someone coloured and carefully cut out. It's hot hanging, it's laying on a branch. Somewhere else in the tree is real, small, teddy bear. There are dozens of Christmas balls that the kids have decorated with permanent markers. It's all good.)

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