Friday, December 21, 2007

The C word

I was doing some mindless prep for a hardwood feathering; which makes it a perfect day to listen to podcasts. I love them. They are just perfect for my job, and I hardly listen to music any more. iTunes is losing a fortune on me these days.

Anyway, I have been listening to Barbara Dayne's Cast On of late; working my way from the most recent back to the earliest. I think I'm somewhere around last spring at the moment, and she was using the C word.

That's right.. crochet. Just say it.

In my mind, crochet is something hard and scratchy. It's something that melts near an open flame. The colours singe the retna. I have to admit that things may have changed in the last 20 years; perhaps fibers in the plastics family are no longer the first choice for crochet. It is possible that I've seen a pattern in Amy's new book that has me thinking that *perhaps*, just maybe, I should learn the skill.

(Following is a picture of said sweater, lifted directly from Is that hot, or what? I feel thinner and taller just looking at it. And it's TAUPE.)

I can cop to knowing how to make a granny square, and according to today's podcast, that means that I know enough techniques to do everything. A few short weeks ago Marilynn tricked me into buying a tiny hook. You know.. to put beads on knitting. But are hooks like needles? Do they suddenly appear in a basket by the dozen? Soon I'll find out there's a *faster* hook, or a purple, laminated, whatever-hook that one blind man in Borneo carves by hand. Somehow I'm going to press: Paypal, and I'm going to own that hook. I can see it now.

So today, crochet has been seeping into my consciousness. I'm thinking about firmer button bands. I'm thinking about crochetting (how the heck DO you spell that?) into just the front loop and coming up with a more drapey product. How does it look if I just go into the back loop? The same? Different? Softer?

See... there's only one darned way to answer these kinds of questions. That darned C word, eating at me already.


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C said...

Well, I find crochet faster and easier than knitting. Because I can do it without looking at directions. And you know how bad I am at following directions. It's not that I can't, I just don't want to!