Thursday, November 27, 2008


It's a word I read today on the Rainey Sisters' blog. I think it's a great word. Just thought I'd throw that in. Speaking of words, *ahem*, I read about 'frenemies' the other day, and that struck a cord, tho I don't think I have any frenemies any more.. I got too old for it.

I haven't been doing anything outstanding.. some simple Christmas knitting (piece after piece after piece), and I've been spinning for Miss Darts and Tori. The spinning took a turn for the worse when I decided that I'd ply from a centre pull ball instead of spinning onto two bobbins. Well, the over-spun single (cuz I'm looking for a particular look, and I need to start this way) decided that it would be best to cling to itself and I ended up with a serious case of yarn barf. It took me ages to work out the worst of it, and I still ended up throwing away yarn. Hate.That. If the yarn works out, it's gonna be very darned groovy, but I suspect that it's worsted weight, not DK.

(Photo illustrates yarn barf only, and unfortunately is not my spinning)

I read some blogs today... there's some amazing writing out there, that's for darned sure. Have a look at a few, right after you vote for our Harlot. Cuz we're her peeps, right?

(Ok.. that might have been stretching it a bit - but I'm feeling delusional)

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