Tuesday, August 5, 2008

About as much fun as you can have with a ball of yarn, a set of dpns and 3 days off

That is.. if you don't care about matching socks, and the ball of yarn is Silk Garden.

In order to get matching socks, you need to knit one sock, then wind off yarn until you recognize the initial colour you started with; then begin the second sock. Me? I decided I was going to start, and just knit. I have to admit that I started the third sock from the outside of the ball because it seemed like it would match some of the greens in the second sock (though the colourway would be upside down).. otherwise, I just knit it the way it came out of the ball. No pattern, just me and the yarn and the needles. The third sock isn't done yet, but I think I'll juuuuuuust squeeze by.

Now, I know the concept of three basically mismatched socks might drive some people around the bend. Fortunately I'm not one of them.

I did other fun things this weekend; we cooked (seafood gumbo last night), we geocached (our 175th find), and (drumroll please):

I did the paperwork for my taxes. Phew. It falls under the category of better late than never.


Jocelyn said...

I believe that is a fine, fine approach for Noro sock yarn. Just enjoy the magic that is the yarn.

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of your third foot,

Jocelyn :o)

granolagirl said...

I share your opinion that socks don't need to match- I term it "beautiful chaos"

noro on sister!

Anonymous said...

Now that eliminates a main reason against knitting socks, having to make them match!