Saturday, January 12, 2008


This morning started off great. The plan was to enjoy my Saturday morning coffee while packaging Merino to take to Make One for the Spin-In. I opened a new bag of .. well, bags, to discover that they were all the wrong size. Phew.. jumped into the truck and made an unscheduled trip to Michaels to pick up bags.

I got everything packed and beribboned and headed out. I arrived at M1 with loads of fiber, my spinning stuff, and the Lendrum; a little late, but not toooo late. Didn't take one single picture, due to lack of time, but some of the new colourways are just fab. The photo, above, is the inspiration for the colourway 'Sunrise in Banff'.

If you spin (or if you'd like to) and you haven't been to a Spin-In, you really ought to give it a try. To describe today, there were about 7 of us spinning (one being a newbie with some wheel issues. Amy and Sherry re-arranged her wheel and got her spinning in no time flat). During the time we were spinning there was an incoming and an outgoing Knitting 101 class. The outgoing gals moved from the class table to the couches. At that point there were also customers, Dida, Ike and Nini. Sandra and Heather were wo-manning the till. Did I mention that Careena's three cute pooches also joined in the fun? Sandra went to Tom's house of Pizza and brought back lunch! One of the nicest parts of the day was sitting with Careena and getting to know her a little bit while we ate pizza.

It was a really nice group of people, and I really enjoyed the time and the conversation. Sherry had brought along a skein of Merino that I had dyed. It's so great to see what everyone comes up with.. just amazing.

Anyway, I spun the rest of a bag of BFL that I had on hand, and tonight it's plied and ready to wet finish. I also picked up 200 grams of a wool/silk blend, so i've put the fast flier on the Lendrum and the blend is going morph into a beautiful piece of lace. So far it's a bit glitchy, but it's starting to even out.

Tomorrow I have to spend some time working on my tools. Everything needs to be replentished or have have blades changed or sharpened. But tonight...

I knit. MrG., here I come!

I hope your Saturday was even 1/2 as great.

ps: Denny added me as a friend on Ravelry. Ok... I added her first. That's THE Denny of SOAR drop spindle fame.

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