Friday, July 18, 2008

Yarn stores!

I'll bet you were beginning to think that I didn't go to any! Two actually...

On Friday we walked downtown from one end to the other, and went to see the Beehive. I have been shopping there since I was a little girl, because at one point, the Beehive was really the only game in town. There were no other choices.

A lot has changed since the early 60s! They have a new location across from the Bay (which has been gutted - but the facade has been preserved). It once was the Mexican Gift shop, way back when. Anyway, it was hot in there, and really crammed with yarn. There were a few that I liked and lots of Fleece Artist. Lots of everything, really. I liked that they had accent pieces.. Interesting, jewelry-like bits for shawls, sweaters and wraps. I didn't buy anything that day. My only disappointment (and it is relatively minor) is that Prudence Mapstone was giving a free workshop on Saturday night, and I wasn't able to make it. That would have been beyond great.


On Saturday we drove up to Mill Bay to Whippletree Junction, where at the suggestion of Aunty Tink, we found The Loom. Crazy place, that! The ceilings are low, and the entire place is jam packed with yarn. There is so much there that it would take days to get a feeling for the entire contents. Thankfully there was a really nice lady working there who knew the exact location of everything they have to offer. They also were loaded with Fleece Artist products, tho some were very old and dusty. I bought 2 slivers of silk/wool which was dyed in incredible, saturated, dense colours, and 3 skeins of similar sock yarn. It was kind of funny, because she had a big basket of sock yarn hidden under another basket of something of lesser interest. I had to ask for it in particular, or I would have never known!



Saturday turned out to be the most fabulous day! After we left The Loom, we drove 5 minutes away to my Aunt's house, and found another Uncle there as well. We had such a great visit... I hope to be back soon.

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