Sunday, July 6, 2008


The day I found out about the *BLUE RIBBON*, I also received a box of goodies from my friend Mandie. It wasn't the first. She is such a generous person that it defies description. Ask anyone who knows her, and they will relate similar stories.

So, here's the contents of that one box, plus another that she sent a little while ago. I promise, you're going to wish you were me. *I* wish i was me.

Shredded currency, threads

Sparkly thread

Dyed locks

Dyed and Undyed silk rods. The dye job rocks!

Silk and wool threads

Silk waste, degummed cocoons, silk strips, and an HC star

Dyed silk

Sparkly bling

Threads and bling

Hippy Heaven BFL with sequins

Solitude BFL/Soy

Fluffy, clean, amazing silk noil

Retro Spectro, Merino/Soy Top (it is so fluffy.. i'm dying to spin this)

Wool threads

There's more! Also included in the box was over 2lbs. of raw merino fleece. Incredibly soft and springy; if I can figure out how to deal with it to keep it spinable, it's going to be freaking amazing.

I'm going to Camp Pluckyfluff in September, and I am SO HOOKED UP. Honestly.. I need to spin some singles for the trip, and if I took everything that Mandie sent, and that I've collected over the last few months, I have enough for the entire class. I am praying that I can be an art yarn spinner; because at this point, the only thing that could go wrong is operator error.

Speaking of spinning... This was in the box too. I spun it today. Plied it badly on the Princess Indian Spinner. It was our first project together, and there were problems. Time will tell... but the colours? Exactly right. I'm in love with it.

Rum Runner, Optim/Soy

I don't know how to appropriately or adequately say thanks to someone so gracious and thoughtful. All I can think of is.. Mandie.. you'd better get those needles sharpened up, because soon there will be yarn on the way!

ps: a fish picture:


The fish needs eyes, and a strap. It's going to be a purse.


denny spins art yarn(not as cool as Annies) said...

lucky lucky lucky girl. i want to grow up and be an art yarn spinner too one day. Then I want to Macame with it. Camp pluckyfluff. Sucks to be you don't it??

I need to get off my butt and down to the post office soon one day too. big hugs ribbon winner.

I did that years ago, entered my handwork in the C.N.E. Won lots of ribbons and such. Maybe i should start again.

My tour de fleece challenge is to spin art yarn.

on a spindle. What's your challenge.

Anonymous said...

You are sooooo welcome Annie! Looking at the pics reminds me now of what was in there...I'd forgotten about the HC Star. I discovered that little treasure while we were away on holidays. OMG...the Lingerie Bag...that's what I sometimes use to wash my fleece in, so I wanted you to have one so you could see. The Bling? I'm all about the Bling such thing as too much BLING!!
I am so stoked that you are going to Camp with Lex....she will set your world on fire and then some.
I am going to go saw some wood as you would to you in the new day :-)
p.s. I think Denny needs some BLING!Must take care of that.

Kayla W said...

Annie you lucky duck! I'm so jealous! I can't wait to see what you make of it. I bet it'll be wonderful!