Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ok; food

OMG. I ate some.

It is quite possible that I ate ALL of the food on Vancouver Island; it sure feels like it now. Thankfully I found a really super fabulous new outfit (a line of Canadian designed/made clothing.. brand spanking new, creative and original) that hides all kinds of sins, including eating all the food on an entire island.

We had some memorable meals... the most special being a room service breakfast on BF's birthday. He ordered eggs benedict on wild smoked salmon, and I ordered classic eggs benedict. We also ordered Mimosas for 2. When breakfast arrived, the bellman said that he'd never served Mimosas before, so instead of bringing two mixed drinks, he brought two 1/2 bottles of champagne and 2 carafes of fresh orange juice. Ya. Tipsy.

The breakfast was completely fabulous.. everything was perfect, including the strawberries and blackberries that garnished the plates,and the flowers that they brought with it. I'll speak for BF and say it was a memorable 50th birthday breakfast.


Earlier in the trip we'd gone to Barb's for fish and chips. Barb's is located on fisherman's warf, and it is well known for good food and a gorgeous setting. It was absolutely packed that day, but we decided that it was worth the trouble to continue our Barb's tradition; this time with Donna, Emily, and BF's mom. We got a great, great table, and had a really fun meal.


My second favorite meal in Victoria was at a small cafe off of Johnson and Government. It was run by a funky Montrealer and a super staff. His concept is to serve the best quality, self prepared food on the planet; and to be honest, I have eaten in several world class restaurants and he may have attained his goal (I'm sorry Paul Prudhome, but you've fallen from your pedestal).

I can't properly describe the salad we shared (huge.. huge salad), but it involved micro-greens, rustic bread with a horseradish mustard, cold smoked salmon and goat cheese. Believe me when I tell you that there are not words to describe such perfection. If you're in Victoria, don't miss Cafe Montreal Vielle.


Then there was Bubby Rose... a fabulous little coffee shop near Lillian's house (close to downtown). The coffee is absolutely great, and the self proclaimed 'best cinnamon buns ever' were, in fact, the best. I saw lots and lots of yummy looking plates of fruit covered French toast going by, but unfortunately we'd already eaten (well, not that unfortunate... BF made the greatest poached eggs that morning).

Just before leaving Victoria, we stopped for lunch at a really super little place called Fish on Fifth, in Sidney. I had a piece of halibut and salad with balsamic vinaigarette. SO fabulous. If they had Barb's surroundings, they'd have lines miles long.


Between the meals I've just described, and the ones I didn't (Foie Gras with black truffles on the back deck? We had it.) I'm now in the market for a nice little tent and awning company to disguise the vastness that is my butt.

Ya well.. it was worth it.


Gale said...

When's the next celebration? I want to come along too.

knittinggrammy said...

OMG Barbs!!! We used to go to Victoria every second year for Hubby's army reunion and we ALWAYS had Barb's for lunch (usually hungover).....great, now I'm hungry!!