Thursday, July 24, 2008

Out there in the blogosphere

Bounces my blog; yours.

I heard a number of exciting things this evening (frankly, it's been a pretty darned exciting day overall, and I am wondering how my blood pressure is!), one of which is related to the Swallowtail that I knit for Mandie. Following you'll find some cryptic background, because the entire story is not mine to tell.

I didn't understand why the shawl was Mandie's, I just knew it was, and I went with that. The colours, the beads, everything fell into place; and I made it that way,even though I thought/worried it was wrong for her. This past weekend Mandie had a booth at Bendy, and I'm happy to say that she did very, very well there. I'm not in the least surprised! Sunday was a significant day for Mandie, for personal reasons, and the shawl is tied into the story - so she wore it wrapped around her neck. Tonight Mandie called me to say that strangers approached her and noted that she was wearing the Swallowtail that Annie knit.

Strangers to her and to me. In Australia. Call us by name. Know my work. Touched the shawl.

Now.. that just thrills me to pieces. Honestly. It's way up there with the ribbon. It ripples.

Can you imagine the number of people in the world that are familiar with your work, simply by reading blogs, or by using Ravelry? It blows my mind.

So, ya. It's a super good day. BP be damned.


Linda said...

Just... whoa ...

Hey, girl - you's famous! ;-)

Jim said...

Sure are famous in MY books!
- Rj