Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I will be spending my summer vacation at work.

Ya.. turns out I have strep, though I don't feel all that awful. Meds make me safe to be around now that I've been on them for 24 hours. However, my BP was sky high, and THAT caused an abrupt change in plans. Instead of heading to the Island again, I spent part of this morning at the Lougheed having some tests done. I have to see the Dr. again tomorrow morning, get an EKG and do a three day test that I'll save you the details of.

It's OK really.. Pfffft on all that.

I haven't been alone in a long time, so maybe it will be great. Today I knit most of the second Silk Garden Lite sock for BF. Imagine what else I might knit while I'm here by myself!

Mug comes home at the end of next week. I really miss her, and I'm wayyyy happier than she is about this turn of events. Apparently she'd like to stay on the Island.

I can't say I blame her.


mtlaise said...

I hope you get better soon!

Gale said...

Oh noooo. What a shame. Are you enjoying the alone time?

aunty tink said...

We could spend the day drinking coffee and knitting together...almost like being at work except for the knitting and the other people.  Call me.

knittinggrammy said...

Well if you're gonna' knit and drink coffee with Marilyn, I want in too!! I can be sick.....but not contagious LOL....Hope you feel better soon and yes isn't it nice to have precious time to yourself?

Anonymous said...

Me toooooo. I smiss you and hope all is well. Sick? Ugh. Sending you get well vibes and big huggs.



denny says hi said...

oh my, it's not nice to be sick, in the summer to boot.

Well do what you have to do to get better. Rest,spin,drink tea, knit. Sleep get lots of sleep. When your bored take pictures for colour ways. ((hug))