Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today I talked to Nancy Bush

Yes I did. Went like this:

A: Make One Yarn Studio, this is Annie
N: Hello. Is Amy there?
A: No, I'm sorry she isn't, can I take a message?
N: No thanks, I'll call back another time.

I know. You're terribly jelous right now. You can't believe I'm so lucky. Remember that time that Amy Singer called me *ahem*, I mean Amy? The telephone conversation was strangely similar.

My celebrity knitters are starting to stack up. I consider them to be: Denny, Rachel H, Amy Singer, and now Nancy Bush.

[Hey, Denny.. Pumper #1 drove by today (it's Tuesday night knitting circle; we were pretty well all present), and the I swear that they were all looking into the window as they went by. We waved like crazy. Blew them a kiss from you.]

Tonight I finally sanded and waxed a part for the Nilus wheel that I had made (the part, not the wheel). I dunno why it took so long. Another coat of wax and it's good to go. :)

Too hot to knit the Hemlock ring.. maybe I'll break out magi-cardi. Every single morning I wish I had it to wear.

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