Monday, July 7, 2008

I have 'needs-a-sleeve-itis'


Needs a sleeve.


Needs 1.5 sleeves. But the skirt is actually done.

I dunno how you get over needs-a-sleeve-itis. I hope it's not as serious as single sock syndrome; because you know I'll wear a single sock paired with another single sock. It might be pushing the envelope to walk around with one missing sleeve.


Kayla W said...

Oh, Annie, what is that green yarn? It's beautiful!

Linda said...

Ummm... o! I know! You could move to Florida and just knit tank tops? ...No?



denny knows you can do it. said...

bribe yourself. Cashmere always helps. Silk if it's warm there right now?

annie said...

i have been working on a cashmere shawl; it is mystic light by ana dalvi. i'm loving it, but it's in a time out! the magical green cardi is curious creek oban in birches of norway. so you can see i have blown my entire yarn budget for some time!

Australoknitticus said...

Please tell me when you discover the cure, I am suffering from an advanced case. My poor nephew's sweater has 1 sleeve already, yet I can't seem to knit #2!