Thursday, July 24, 2008

We're going! We're going!!

It all starts like this...

I came in to work one morning, and Amy had left me a note about a really cool and interesting person by the name of Tori who had been in over the weekend. Tori is from NYS and is in Calgary to stay by her mom's side during a recent illness. She folded into the kind of normal that we are at the shop.. now I find myself looking for her every afternoon; honestly, if she didn't come, I'd worry.

I'm not sure how it came up, but I was talking to her about Rhinebeck, and I jokingly told her that we would all be coming to stay at her house during the festival. She said SURE!.. After ascertaining that she really meant it, I started to work on Aunty Tink. Wouldn't it be great to go?

So today we have tickets. I cannot believe that I'm going to be so lucky.. this has been my dream for a while, and suddenly it is real. In fact, I'm going to Camp Pluckyfluff in September, Rhinebeck in October, and THE retreat in November (yayyyyyy! I have a 6 hour class booked with the Yarn Harlot on Friday. I am so excited). My life has become something different in recent months.. it's amazing what can happen when you are amoung your *people*. I feel real. OMG... Rhinebeck.

I'm so looking forward to spending the time with Tori. She's one of us, and we're all going on this fabulous adventure together.

Now.. tell me.. where in New York should I crawl? Any suggestions to maximize our stay? We have four days to discover all that the fiber arts community has to offer. How does one do Rhinebeck right?

Next stop: Australia. I believe it.

PS: I miss you BF. The house is weird without you and the kids, tho I am currently having ice cream for dinner, in the nude. OK.. not so much on the nude part. ;)

My throat: ouch.

Knitting? Finished the Silk Garden Lite socks for BF last night, and he left with them on his feet. Tonight I'm working on the last pattern row of the Hemlock Ring. I hope to bind it off tomorrow.

The sheep? Romney. Rhinebeck 2008 featured sheep. Ya baby.


Anonymous said...

i am soooo excited for you annie!!
australia? you betcha baby!
SOAR 2009 is a date!

Gale said...

Holy cow! What a nice schedule you have Annie. Colour me green. Hope you are feeling better soon.

PS Soon it will be time to eat peaches in the nude, and BF will be home.

Linda said...

Hey! I'm going to Rhinebeck too! We should meet up somewhere, somehow....

Denny saving $$$$$$ said...

I'm going to the Rhinebeck too!!!!!!! I don't know how yet I'll just wing it some how. I'll be at SOAR, then have to bum around till the weekend at SOAR. Maybe I'll join a circus, a fiber circus. It's all up in the air. But I'll be ther efor sure.

denny says hi said...

And Mandie, I'll see you in 2009 (SOAR)

Jim said...

Good ON ya, babe!
I miss you, too. We must represent you well here, though. So today, I think we'll walk the seawall and maybe discover another cache or two. Its cloudy right now...