Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2 sleeves down, 2 to go

I finished Amy's magic cardi, and it is GRAND. I'm totally in love with the sweater, and I'm so, so glad that I decided to make the investment. I have seen 5 completely different size/shaped women wearing it, and it fits everyone... it is some kind of magic, I'm quite sure.

Colour here isn't accurate; it's not so yellow. It's a gorgeous colour of green actually.


And.. speaking of magic.. here's our cat Rocky (having just been disturbed from his nap by a photog). He's a rescue, and we've had him for years and years. He was once locked in an abandoned car for 11 days without food or water. It's some kind of miracle that he survived that, let alone unscathed. He's a really nice guy, tho I wouldn't suggest calling your cat Rocky and your dog Roxy. A bit of bad planning there.

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Gale said...

Great sweater. Good looking cat.