Monday, May 25, 2009

News Flash

I rode my bike to work. I nearly keeled over while pushing it up Home Road. Seriously.. I had to stop 3 times to catch my breath. My heart rate was about 3 million at the time.

I was thinking to myself; self, perhaps you aren't quite over the flu yet. Is it too late to turn back? (yes)

By the time we (the bike and me, that is) got here the bike was squeeking like a crazy thing, and I might have been worse off than the bike. But I feel good, and victorious, and successful.

Hear me roar.

Roaring like a woman who owns a Pat Green Picker. Yes that's me.


WCOBBS said...

Where is that jealous button when you need it!
1 - I can't ride bikes
2 - I want a Pat Green, way more than a bike.

Anne B. said...

Good on you!!! No matter how hard it is at least you kept going, and next time will be easier.

Kourtney said...

Roar! Good job!

Sandy said...

Good job Annie!!! Home Road is not fun to ride up!

Shell said...

Dear Lord you went UP Home Road! Even my car hates going up that thing. Kudos to you sweetie for that amazing feat of going at a 45 degree angle for 8 blocks.

On the plus side going down Home Road takes like 3 seconds.

Gale Bulkley said...

Hopefully your legs will feel fine tomorrow. Congratulations Annie.

Cindy said...

You're my hero!