Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Maddie's in the bucket

Very, very sad. She came home from the Dominican to catch the crud. (and in no time flat, I might add).

Thought I'd tell you some stuff, and then stop going on and on about bike riding. One thing is that it takes (me) 1 hour and 15 to 20 minutes to get TO work. My biggest fear is to have heart failure on Home road, going uphill. It takes 50 minutes to get home. My biggest fear is to have heart failure on Home road, from brake failure going downhill. Also, it is next to terrifying riding home on the bike path. People are worse, more inconsiderate bike riders and roller bladers and joggers than they are drivers. I kid you not.

But it's better than driving, it really is. Today I saw ducklings, lots of the river, trains, trains and more trains, stores and shops I hadn't seen from the car, lots and lots of middle age bike riders and younger joggers. I know that the roots of trees totally mess up the bike path, and it's a wayyyy bumpy ride; I also know that if you tighten up your stomach muscles that your back doesn't hurt. I'm afraid of a storm on the way home, because I'm totally going to have to ride through it, like it or not. I know it won't kill me. I have ridden on the road for the first time in my life. (Home road again...) I've always been a sidewalk rider in the past.

I smelled lilacs today; several times. Also cut grass, broken tree limbs, a bbq, and possibly a far away skunk.

I made it .5 blocks further up Home road before I had to quit, but I passed a man who was just cresting the hill on his bike. I told him he was my hero (he laughed), but honestly he's my role model. I feel like I might make it one day. That's the goal.

This is really super good for me. My mom didn't drive a car, so I spent my entire childhood on the seat of a bike. It used to feel natural to me, and the bike was an extension of myself. I hope I feel like that again.

All I know is that right now it feels so flipping amazing to be at work on my own power that I could just jump for joy. I spent zero dollars on gas since last weekend, and I hope that I can keep it that way for the entire week.

Now, you thought that was boring.. Just wait. Me and IK are going to start training for climbing a rock wall. I AM SO GOING TO DO IT. Trust me.

In the meantime? I'm going to spin bison.

Sock Summit. (I just had to say that so I wouldn't be the only blogger in the world who didn't mention it)


Unknown said...

bummer about mugs getting sick. hope she's up and going strong soon.
you are doing a wonderful thing for yourself.
xoxoxo e

Anne B. said...

Four extra blocks, that's awesome!! Next thing you know your time will be down as well. Nothing better than not spending money on gas, but on other nicer things.

Kourtney said...

Yay biking! I used to be a biker. I rode over mountains, even. You'll be kicking Home Road's arse in no time. What about getting a frame bag? Better weight distribution for the suspension (yours & your bike's). Hmm, this reminds me, I need to get Pat to take my bike & trailer off of the garage rafters...
Oo. Biking. I just got the itch.

Shell said...

Mud feel better soon.

Annie, I am so impressed with your bike riding. I have to get my bike fixed so I don't feel so guilty about driving to the local library or the store.

Cindy said...

Poor Mug. Good for you! I wish I had some motivation. All I can think about is when I'm going to catch my next nap. Lilacs, they are wonderful aren't they? One street over is lined with them on both sides, it is just heavenly and all too fleeting. At least I am walking nearly every day. And spinning! Sock Summit? What's that?

Lori said...

You're my hero with riding Home Road! I wish I could ride a bike to work (I wish I had a bike actually), but it would be pretty difficult, plus I'm lazy...