Thursday, May 21, 2009

If you looked at your queue

I mean really, really looked at it; and ignoring the patterns that you've already purchased, and the yarn that you already have on-hand.. what would you actually knit?

My hair stands on end when I see a few patterns, and so I'm going to call those 'the ones'.. and honestly, I ought to delete the rest of the queue. But I won't.

So here's my must-knit list, as of today.

Tulip Cardi (that just has to be Dream in Colour, don't you think?)

Glows (maybe Claire will take pity on me, and get that colour of WM)

Kingscot (I have the pattern, and the problem is that I can't decide on the perfect yarn. And what can I say? I love a bobble. Me and Denny. We're for the bobble)

Cosima (because I'm just.that.tall.and.thin. or not)

Dianna (Nice name, huh? I want to spin/dye for this shawl.. I think I'm going to make two; a DK and a laceweight)

So there you have it. The list.

Now can someone tell me why I have 4 complete pages of other stuff on my queue? Clearly they are never going to see the light of day.


Gale Bulkley said...

Are you kidding? Only 4?

The kitri's aren't that bad. It's me. I have holiday brain.

Domie's Mom said...

Oh don't fret. I have 4 pages, and constantly empty them then within a month it is full again!

Never mind that I just have to go buy more yarn for a new project and NEVER actually use the queue which has yarn associated with each pattern in stash.

Call it inspiration:)

Cindy said...

oooo. I like the gloves. And Cosima although I don't think that's a good look on me either. I don't have a queue. But I do have some favorite patterns. I think I'm about ready for Francie. Have to pick a color . . .

Shell said...

I think the reasons you have so many pages and myself so many crafting supplies is that we love the possiblilities and options that a stash gives us. The que is just a visual reminder of things that we like and inspire us to knit more. But that could just be me ;)

Lori said...

The reason MY queue is so full is because people post lists of their "must knit" items and then I start to covet!! I should go through and sort mine out one of these days... :D