Thursday, July 16, 2009

A little video of Patches

He's so cute, he doesn't need supportive text.

My command of the English language is poor.

Oh.. a quick mention of cycling. After a two week rest, I thought I'd be in deep trouble today if I rode. In the morning BFML, Mug and I went to Bow Cycle to have my bike adjusted, and he noticed that my tires were under pressure... said that it should make the bike more efficient when the pressure was correct.

Didn't make ME more efficient; I forgot my gloves and my helmet (huh? how dumb is that?).

Anyway, just a note to say that I made some progress on HOME ROAD. I got another 1/2 block further.. I'm soooooo close to the top of the hill now. I really believe I'm going to make it, even if making it is thanks to a lighter bike, more inflated tires...


Anne B. said...

But its still your legs pushing the pedals around, feel proud!

Kourtney said...

A lighter bika still can't push itself up the hill. You're just making the best use of tools, the work is still yours!

Anonymous said...

Will Patches be the one coming to his forever home (Chez Annie)

Shell said...

Hey, its Home Road the thing is a 45 deg angle the whole way. Stop knocking yourself and be proud of your progress.

PS Cute puppy.