Tuesday, July 21, 2009

tell me...

Do you have any idea why I have more energy in the afternoon than I do in the morning? I cannot figure it out. I eat my breakfast, I am hydrated, but I cannot get up that hill at 9am. However, at 2:00.. tired and hot-hot-hot, it seemed like it was within reach.

How does this work?

The only thing I could think of was that it might be my BP meds.. so I switched to taking them at night. No difference.

Frustrating. So here's an awwwwwww for us all.

My Glow gloves are coming along nicely; I am just starting the second chart. Also, I've been spinning quite a bit, and finished 100 grams of Fleece Artist Wool/Silk. It's a very manly colourway, so I'm thinking it might be socks for the BF.

Tonight I flick carded and spun a little bit of Shetland that we got while we were at Olds. One lock went so far that I'm currently in fear regarding spinning a whole fleece. I want to knit some Orenburg this year, and I'd love to do it with my own handspun. We'll see.

BFML comes home tomorrow. I'm glad.


Anne said...

My nutritionist has me eating a bowl of cereal before I go to bed at night, and since then I've had much more energy for the morning ride. I think I must digest and store it up over the night, but it takes awhile for your breakfast to get to your legs.
Good luck!
Anne B.

Cindy said...

Maybe it's just your biological clock? It doesn't matter what I do, when or what I eat or when I go to bed or get up, but I don't really wake up mentally until at least 9am and creatively until even later, like 7pm! sounds good about all the spinning, can't wait to see the pics.

Unknown said...

I'm glad, too!!!