Saturday, January 31, 2009

I met someone special on Friday

A beautiful pink bundle named Norah.

She's tiny and sweet and round and precious and three months old... and I think that Sherry really has an amazing blessing in this child. Her hair is dark and she has lots of it; the cutest little bow shaped lips (blowing bubbles). She smiled and lit us all up. Everything about her is in perfect proportion. I'm not sure how to explain it...

I haven't held a baby in so long, and meeting Norah made me realize how big that Nini has become. It was nice to hold her against my chest and fall into 'rocking mode' (if you've ever been a parent, the rocking thing somehow becomes imprinted).

It was so special to meet her, and I felt very honored.

Knitting Francie #1 has become all encompassing. The heel is turned and I'm working on that really interesting sole. I tried on the sock last night and I'm pretty sure that it's a complex combination of wrong for my foot.. but I'll finish knitting them anyway, just for the pleasure of it. What I ought to be doing is spinning Qivuit.

A miracle happened! Dida found my missing copy of the Eclectic Sole in a box of books that I'd given to Nini. I'll be so glad to get it back. I allllllmost bought another, as they're on the shelf at the store, taunting me.

Today I need to get a tetanus shot for my Mexico trip, and next Saturday I'll do the same. Yuck.

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Gale Bulkley said...

How nice Annie. Babies have never played a role in my adult life. Sometimes I wonder what it is like.