Monday, October 13, 2008

To whom it may concern

When I blogged last night, I used 'whom' when I was talking about Nini. Because I'm one of those people who has trouble shutting their brain off, I thought about 'whom' for a good portion of last night and some of this morning. BF looked up the usage of 'whom' for me, and I have to say.. the descriptions are more confusing than helpful. Eventually we decided that 'whom' was correct, tho the sentence itself probably needed some work. Not unusual. I write the way I talk; and I must say that my command of grammar has probably slipped over the years. Punctuation is another subject all together. I basically make it up as I go.

So.. 'whom' it is (right or wrong). Before you know it I'll be wondering about 'effect vs. affect'.

Note to the magnificent 7: I just talked to Mr. Tori.. I was about to call him Bob, and my confidence evaporated. Bob? Hmmmmm.... I'm pretty sure it's Bob.

I let him know when we'd be arriving in Newark, and he told me that he's going to stay at his business partner's house. Are we so scarey? Has he heard that Aunty Tink has been practicing swearing?

Phew. 2 more sleeps. What to bring, what to bring? I thought I had a suitcase.. I might have been wrong.


Jocelyn said...

Did I warn you about Newark? There are 10,000 people in airplanes waiting to take off/land at Newark any given time. Seriously. Pack snacks, too, because WJ does not restock in Newark either (this is the closest I've come to smacking a stewardess ever).

Annie said...

wj is pulling out of newark on nov 2nd, because that airport is such a fiasco. thanks for the warnings joce.. i'll be sure expect the worse.

Kayla W said...

FYI - Affect is the way something Acts on Another. Effect is the outcome.

The laser affected the water by making a neat strobe effect.