Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One a day

Mitten, that is.

Mittens for Mug

I fell in love with Nimbus (an organic merino.. so soft and bouncy) and so did Mug. She requested a pair of mittens. While I knit them, all I heard was: Can I wear them tomorrow? Will they be ready in time?

I can easily knit one mitten a night while I watch a show or two, so it wasn't a really big deal to complete a pair, and especially nice, since she was so anxious. As she blew me a kiss yesterday morning when I dropped her off at school, I noticed that said hand was .. bare. She'd forgotten the mittens! That's how we roll...

This evening I started a new pair; I think all of the kids will get mittens this Christmas. Even the BF, because he loves anything knitted (note: his knitting project is almost done!).

Malabrigo mitten #1

It's less than 2 months until Christmas.. I can hardly believe it. The mittens make snow seem closer, the sleds are probably positioning themselves by the back door as we speak.


aunty tink said...

Can we Please celebrate Halloween before we start thinking about Christmas?  (that could be my inner procratinator speaking again)

Shell said...

I'm so shocked that this year we will have a warm Halloween, but I love the mittens and I almost wish it was cold so I could wear them too!

Unknown said...

I totally agree with Aunty Tink. Halloween BEFORE Christmas hype. And even then, I really, really don't want to see anything even remotely related to Christmas in any store anywhere until at least the last week of November. Puh-lease.

Annie said...

i had to re-write that one... cuz BF, it's worth mentioning that you bought the yarn for your Christmas project in july. and today.. this very day you mentioned that while I was in NY, you bought a vintage toboggan. which is in the fort. :ppppp

Unknown said...

Busted on two counts. :) My position on retailers trotting out their Christmas decorations in October remains. (I'll be more prepared for Christmas this year than I've every been - and better able to handle the aftermath - only because of you. And you gotta SEE that toboggan!! Such a deal, too! $5)