Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The monster is quelled



It's bigger than all the available space I have to put down rubber mats, so some of it is pinned directly to the floor. Within 30 seconds one dog and one cat had walked across it. I'm just going to hope that it's dry by morning, because I doubt it would make it through a day without being wrecked. I have to say.. that was quite a blocking job.

A picture I took the other day:


This book lies under a group of trees on ground worn bare by homeless people. They (mostly) quietly reside under them; stopping to imbibe, escaping the sun, sleeping during the day. There is a very large community of the homeless in our neighborhood (I know that sounds odd, but it's true); primarily because of our closeness to the downtown core, to the river, and also the largest homeless shelter/feeding station in Calgary. Anyway, I was impressed by the caliber of their reading material. I think things are looking up.

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Kayla W said...

your hemlock monster looks great!! Beautiful job!