Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To celebrate 7 days of no carbs

(well.. there was that one giant cookie), today for lunch I went to Thi-Thi and got myself a beautiful peppered beef vietnamese sub. Ya baby... and I washed it down with a coke.

It's been one of those super exciting days that demand carbs.

Through sad circumstances I acquired a trip to Sock Summit in the place of C-MAC. She just wasn't able to go, and asked me if I'd like to. Hell yes. Yes, I would (though I wish it wasn't in adverse circumstances). That was yesterday afternoon... sometime in the evening I discovered that my passport was missing. I spent the next bunch of hours tearing the house apart, and never did locate the passport. Today started with trip upon trip upon trip to get pictures, signatures,forms notarized, false starts, false endings... and then finally some success. A coupon at least, with a claim that possibly, even probably I will have a passport by noon tomorrow. Not a moment too soon, since the plane leaves at around 2pm.

This is my second emergency passport. In 2008, 22 hours before I was to depart to New York, Marilynnie discovered that my passport had expired. 3 hours later, I had a new one in my hand. This time will take longer because the passport is actually lost. Serious indeed.

I'm willing to bet that it's in a knitting project bag, and that I will find it this evening when I pack. I will not relocate the $250.00 it took to replace it.

Maybe it's worth it though... that passport picture really was horrible. If it weren't for a sudden downpour this morning, I would have had a chance at redemption.

So, that's my story... I'm going to Portland to knit, buy yarn for the store, meet people, eat off of food trucks, and go to a sock hop (in an 80's costume).

I think.


Jeneane said...

Yeah - can't wait to see you at sock summit

RunwithSticks said...

Yeah! Can't wait to see you there !