Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Continental Divide.

I'm trying to blog here, but I keep losing my place, deleting text... think I can create anything from this stuttering start?

I was in the Vermillion Pass on Sunday, and by complete fluke I ended up at the Continental Divide. It would have been an excellent place to go intentionally.. to share a picnic.. to have a break; but I was driving to Castle Junction to drop off Mug, realized that there was no cell service, and wondered how I was going to manage to meet up with BFML, when.. boom.. I see him passing me in the other direction. There were roadside turnouts on both sides of the road, so we both screeched to a stop and I crossed over to his side. Instant awesome destination.

The kids enjoyed being in Alberta, BC, Alberta, BC, Alberta, BC, although I hear tell that Anna nearly fell off of Alberta. I had lots of big hugs from BFML, and he was in his funny drama mode.. dancing around doing mosquito victimization impressions and being goofy. I think we benefit from a break now and again so that I can remember that the man is mostly a boy and that is one of the things I most appreciate about him.

I also saw one of my favourite mountains (who is lucky enough to have access to so many mountains that they have favourites?)... it reminded me that I hadn't been in the Rockies in a long time, and that I should take advantage of my surroundings more fully.

It was one of those crazy days full of moments... the whole day seemed like a million snapshots. Mug, asleep in the car, smelling like corndogs (ok, ewwww); dreaming about her paycheques? An elk, dead on the side of the highway, head towards the ditch. A small fire off the highway as we went West turned into a huge, dangerous valley full of acrid smoke on the trip East. Absolutely perfect light at 8:02, 8:12 and 8:30. Perfect. All of the colours of the mountains, flora, fauna were turned up to high. There was a split second when all traffic slowed to pass an emergency airlift; a helicopter thrumming above us. A field of lavender flowers. An emerald green stream. Suspicious flash as I passed through a small tunnel... will I have a speeding ticket in the mail a few days from now? Some very, very happy dogs when I arrived home, 3 hours late for their dinner schedule.

I prayed a lot when I realized (coming down the pass on 93) that the brakes were not working well, and I would not be able to do a sudden stop in the next 2 full hours. More prayer when the car started to jitter every time I drove over a hole or bump in the road. BFML will tell me that: it needs attention. Ahem. Yes, it does.

And finally, so tired when I got home that I neither knit, nor c'worded. Didn't spin. Didn't dye.

I just sat and thought about snapshots.

Tomorrow.. Knitting. I promise.

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